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Workshop Reports

Civil society views on next generation peacebuilding and conflict prevention, Workshop, March 14, 2011

Policy brief: Next Generation

Armed Conflict: Trends and Drivers, Ernie Regehr

Peacebuilding: A broad review of approaches, policies and practices, Nicolas Lemay-Hébert and Sophie Toupin

Women's political participation in peace processes, Workshop, March 23, 2011

Policy brief: Women's political participation in peace processes

Overview: Women’s political participation in post-conflict transitions, Gabrielle Tomovcik and Silke Reichrath

“Pray the Devil Back to Hell:” Women's ingenuity in the peace process in Liberia, Ecoma Elaga

"A women's place is at the peace table": An analysis of women's participation in the Afghan peace process, Corey Levine

Diaspora peacebuilding capacity: Women in exile on the Thai/Burmese border, Anna Snyder

Peace and Conflict Dynamics in Latin America, Workshop, May 31, 2011

Policy brief: Peace and conflict Dynamics in Latin America

The economics of war and peace in Colombia: Some current perspectives, Rebecca Bartel

Femicide in Ciudad Juarez: Ever present and worsening, Sophia Koutsoyannis

Translating the norms of Women, Peace and Security, Workshop, June 15, 2011

Policy brief: The United Nations Women, Peace and Security Resolutions: From rhetoric to reality

From global to local: How UN agencies build capacity to implement the women, peace and security resolutions at the national level, Nicola Popovic and Corey Barr

Militarized masculinity in peacekeeping operations: An obstacle to gender mainstreaming, Hayley Lopes

Implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda in peace operations: Overview of recent efforts and lessons learned, Kristine St-Pierre for the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre

Natural resource conflicts and conflict transformation, Workshop, June 20, 2011

Policy brief: Resource conflicts and conflict mitigation and transformation

Rights to land resources in post-conflict settings: Challenges and responses, Jon D. Unruh

Resources for peace, Philippe Le Billon and Corin de Freitas

NGO Peacebuilding Innovations, Workshop, July 15, 2011

Policy brief: Non-governmental organizations and peacebuilding innovation

Consolidation de la paix et approche globale: Vers une intégration des ONG?, Jonathan Blais

The Arab revolutions and challenges for peacebuilding, Nizar Ghanem

Arab Spring

On June 2, 2011, Peacebuild, with the financial support of the International Development Research Centre, convened a day-long discussion on the tumultuous changes taking place in the Middle East and North Africa.

Roundtable report: Between Revolution and Repression: Demovratic Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa? Razmik Panossian and Marc Lemieux with Elizabeth Kellett and Yasmine Farret

Rapport et recommandations: Entre révolution et répression : vers une transition démocratique au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord ? Razmik Panossian et Marc Lemieux, basé sur les notes d’Elizabeth Kellett et Yasmine Farret

Notes for a Presentation: Canada and the Middle East: Supporting Emergence of a New Story, Nathan C. Funk

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