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Peacebuild Publications

Below are some of the publications Peacebuild has produced.


Peacebuild has been active in Afghanistan through the Afghanistan: Pathways to Peace process. Afghanistan: Pathways to Peace is a partnership among Canadian, Afghan, British, American and German non-governmental organizations and individuals with the mission to support Afghan work to build a lasting and comprehensive peace in Afghanistan.

Children, Youth and Armed Conflict

Peacebuild has worked on Children and Youth affected by armed conflict through the Children and Armed Conflict Forum, under the leadership of the International Bureau for Children's Rights.

Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment

Peacebuild is currently leading a project on Assessing Impacts of Peace and Conflict Impact Assessments (PCIAs)


In 2008 and in 2011, Peacebuild carried out a number of consultations on emerging issues in the area of peacebuilding. 

Peace Operations

Peacebuild has worked on peacekeeping through the Peace Operations Working Group, under the leadership of the World Federalist Movement - Canada.

Prevention of Armed Conflict

Peacebuild has been working on conflict prevention through the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC).

Reports from the 2011 Peacebuild Workshop Series

Peacebuild convened a series of workshops on different peacebuilding and conflict prevention policy issues between March and June, 2011. The workshops addressed next-generation issues in peacebuilding and conflict prevention, women's political participation in peace processes, peace and conflict dynamics in Latin America, translating the norms of the UN women, peace and security resolutions, natural resource conflicts and conflict transformation, NGO peacebuilding innovations, and the Arab Spring.

Small Arms and Light Weapons

Peacebuild has worked on small arms regulation through the Small Arms Working Group, under the leadership of Project Ploughshares.

Women, Peace and Security

Through the Gender and Peacebuilding Working Group and now through the Women, Peace and Security Network - Canada (WPSN-C), Peacebuild promotes and monitors Canada's implementation of UNSCR 1325 and the related resolutions. Peacebuild also promotes measures against sexual violence in armed conflict and for enhanced participation of women in peace processes.

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