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Vanessa Gordon's Introduction



#2 Eric Abitbol 2013-03-02 22:20
Vanessa has also brought to our attention the significance of pursuing a gender-sensitiv e dimension to the PCIA work, which is still overlooked often enough that it needs to be raised constantly. I have recently been reading the work of Ursula Oswald Spring on HUGE - Human, Gender and Environmental Security, which may be of interest.
#1 Eric Abitbol 2013-03-02 22:13
Vanessa has raised the all important question of what happens between the time PCIA's are produced, submitted and then any PCIA-related action is undertaken? This also relates to Zahid and other's concerns around transparency, not only of the documents produced themselves, but also of the PCIA process. I for one am aware that sometimes, PCIA practitioners are indeed lobbied by governments and other stakeholders to produce 'workable' rather than critical PCIAs. The political perspectives developed in the PCIAs will surely impact the transparency of the follow-up process. Again, a mark of PCIA effectiveness is in creating mechanisms for this process and the documents to be transparent and made available to effected communities and stakeholders.

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