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Demola Akinyoade's Introduction



#2 Edwin Mang'eni 2013-03-13 11:21
Thanks for the good introduction. PCIA has benefitted from experiences of many communities and individuals. In my opinion though it has taken long for it to generate a common theory and definition of terms, this has in turn created an opportunity for new thinking to contribute to the practice. This is very different from a situation where theory dictates the practice which in some situations can be limiting as most people would be comfortable operating within set theoretical frameworks. my thoughts for now
#1 Eric Abitbol 2013-03-08 20:34
Demola has suggested that we move to create a coherent, unified theory of PCIA, that somehow draws together the strengths of different theoretical frameworks and methodologies. One of the reasons for the limitations of PCIA, not to say failures, is the lack of robust theory and methodology, suggests Demola. Addressing this might be one of our own challenges.

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