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Zahid Shahab Ahmed Introduction


#2 Zahid Shahab Ahmed 2013-03-29 01:26
Thanks for your comments dear Erin! We shall talk more about this issue in our skype meetings and the conference in Canada. I wish to write a paper on this. I would like to co-author that with our colleagues of this project to bring in insights and knowledge from other regions.
+1 #1 Eric Abitbol 2013-03-02 22:07
The question of transparency, as raised by Zahid, is fundamental to the application of the PCIA. Notably, has anyone negotiated to have written into the ToR of PCIA that it should go to the beneficiary parties and also the potentially impacted communities? I have not, but this introduction has be considering the merits of doing so, right up front, as inherent to the process of creating a document full of analysis and recommendations of potentially significant effects.

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