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The Canadian Coalition for Peace Building in South Sudan



Deeply concerned by the political violence that has racked South Sudan since mid-December 2013, Canadian South Sudanese community members and leaders met in Toronto on March 26, 2014 to share information on the crisis, build peaceful relationships across the South Sudanese diaspora, and to generate options for bringing an end to the violence and for coming to grips with its underlying causes. Hosted by York University´s Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS), with organizational support from the SubSahara Centre, Peacemedia-paixmédia, Peacebuild - The Canadian Peacebuilding Network and South Sudanese community activists and opinion leaders, the discussion identified a wide range of options available for short-term peacemaking and long-term peacebuilding.

 Our Mission

The CCPBSS will seek to provide leadership in the South Sudanese diaspora community to:

  • Bring South Sudanese together as one community
  • Promote peace and unity among South Sudanese in Canada and South Sudan
  • Foster the importance of tribal diversity as a source of strength instead of division and political conflict
  • Promote national identity among all South Sudanese at home and in the diaspora
  • Provide workshops and training for community members on peace and tolerance.

Priority Activities

Short term

  • Form a cohesive interim peacebuilding committee (the initiating Coalition);
  • Establish the working methods of the Coalition and the roles of initiating members, including members of the Technical Team;
  • Organize peace and reconciliation workshops for South Sudanese communities across Canada.


  • Form a united Canadian and South Sudan peace advocacy committee;
  • Train peace ambassadors to facilitate peace building in South Sudan;
  • Pressure political rivals and leaders of all armed groups to resolve conflicts through dialogue;
  • Continue to help build peace in South Sudan.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the coalition or would like to get more information:

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