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Peacebuild was born in 1994 in a spirit of optimism generated by the end of the Cold War and hope among a small but influential group of Canadian NGO representatives, academics, peace activists and government officials who believed that they and others could have a greater impact on violent conflict - that they could do more and do it better.

The network, previously known as the Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee (CPCC), experienced modest growth over the following 16 years. Favourable political support and its members' investments of time, knowledge, effort and creativity created the conditions for Peacebuild to become both a focal point and a motor for policy debate, joint action, and learning. Both the domestic and the international environments changed dramatically during that time.

In 2011, Peacebuild lost its government funding and had to transition to a model reliant more than ever on its membership and select projects. Peacebuild members continue to endeavour to work to better understand and respond to violent conflict and are looking forward to a period of renewed growth in a network using modern communications technologies to its advantage and focusing on building relationships within Canadian civil society and with larger international networks.

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