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New Year's Greeting

December 26, 2012

Dear Members of Peacebuild,

As the New Year approaches, renewal is underway at Peacebuild!

We are delighted to announce Peacebuild’s new Board of Directors:

Chair, Peggy Mason

Vice-Chair, Eric Abitbol

Secretary, Rena Ramkay

Treasurer, Erica Noordermeer

Prajeena Karmacharya

Gerald Ohlsen

Sophie Toupin

It is our pleasure to inform you that Silke Reichrath (formerly our Conflict Prevention Working Group Coordinator) has agreed to assume the demanding role of Coordinator at Peacebuild. For now, she will be working one day per week until September 2013. We very much hope that this will expand as Peacebuild develops its capacity to meet new challenges.

Peacebuild continues to develop the Afghanistan: Pathways to Peace initiative in support of the engagement of Afghan civil society in a comprehensive peace process for both that country and the region. Former Peacebuild Executive Director David Lord recently undertook a mission to Kabul and has developed a Concept Note with respect to future programming in collaboration with our partners and others on the ground. This is being distributed to potential donors and others, as the initiative undergoes a broad outreach and funding phase. Details about the Pathways process, the preparation of which began in 2008, can be found at its website: You can also follow Pathways on Facebook and Twitter.

Rena Ramkay will continue to represent Peacebuild at the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) in The Hague and will develop program initiatives with our North American Region colleagues in Mexico and the USA. Sophie Toupin will continue as the North American region’s Gender Focal Point.

We have recently received funding from IDRC (International Development Research Centre) for the new initiative, Assessing Impacts of Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA): A North-South Participatory Research Project. Our partners on this initiative are Peacemedia-paixmédia, York University’s Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS), and the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development (JPD). A virtual dialogue process is underway in anticipation of a 2013 conference in Toronto and a special PCIA issue of the JPD.

We are also developing our involvement in issues related to children and armed conflict, including participation in the Dalhousie University-led Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts (CYCC) as a Network Partner. Erica Noordermeer is leading these efforts, while Prajeena Karmacharya is Peacebuild’s liaison with the Women, Peace and Security Network – Canada, which carries on the work of the former Gender and Peacebuilding Working Group.

Peacebuild has a new website at We encourage you to register as a Member and build your profile. Please use this space to share your news, link your organization and project affiliations, dynamically building the Peacebuild community. We also take this opportunity to encourage you to update your membership, renewing your commitment to the Peacebuild network.

We are looking forward to working with you, and in support of your work. In this capacity, we encourage you to communicate with us, sharing your thoughts as to how we might do that effectively. Our aim is to participate in building and catalyzing a dynamic, national dialogical culture of peace in cooperation with you all.

Wishing you a wonderful 2012 holiday season and a happy New Year for 2013!


Peggy, Eric, Rena, Erica, Prajeena, Gerald, Sophie

The Board of Peacebuild


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