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Peacebuild conducted a member survey

Over the summer, Peacebuild invited around 100 former members and volunteers to fill in a survey on SurveyMonkey, with the option of using an e-mail attachment or simply responding by e-mail. The survey response rate was 18%, somewhat on the low side (under 20%) but within the normal rate for membership surveys (5-40%). Most respondents wanted to remain in the network (likely those who are not interested also did not take the survey) and are willing to pay a membership fee.

Respondents considered that the most important role for a peacebuilding network is the relationship with international networks like GPPAC, followed by coalition building for lobbying and information exchange and discussion on national and international trends and policies. There is little appetite for sub-networks/working groups. The development of member projects did not score high on importance, but did score high on people’s willingness to volunteer. Since it is likely to be the only source of revenue beside modest member fees, it would appear that member projects should be pursued where members have an interest and are willing to take the lead on a project.


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