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Peacebuild Directions

Peacebuild – Paix durable, the Canadian peacebuilding network, is looking for new ideas and directions for its future work and structure. The attached link is to a Wiki survey app called All Our Ideas that we are using to gather ideas to set priorities and make decisions on what Peacebuild – Paix durable will focus on in the future and how it will be structured and governed.

Please take a few minutes over the next couple of days to provide your input —

The survey results will be combined with background research, one-on-one interviews with people involved in peacebuilding activities to develop program and organizational structure options for Peacebuild – Paix durable members to decide on at our next General Meeting in June 2016.
Whether you are now or were previously directly involved in peacebuilding activities, or if you are a newcomer to this field, we very much would like to hear from you.

Doing the survey is not an ordinary question and answer process. There is checking off of preferred options, but most importantly, users are meant to submit as many of their own ideas as they want to and can.

As it’s structured, the survey is an open-ended process that could go on ad infinitum. There are no indicators that you’re making any progress or coming to an end of it. Just stop inputting ideas when you run out of them or you get bored.

If you look at About this page in the All Our Ideas menu, it gives you a good idea of how to input into the survey and also see the results as they accumulate.

Please feel free to share the survey link and the explanatory note as widely as possible on your Facebook page, by Twitter, on organizational websites or any way you can. If you have any questions or complaints, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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