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UN approves global arms trade treaty

Project Ploughshares staff passed around the bubbly to celebrate the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty at the United Nations General Assembly.

Ken Epps, Senior Program Officer, was at the negotiations in New York the last two weeks representing Ploughshares and in his capacity as Co-Chair of the international civil society Control Arms Coalition.

Canada voted with the majority to pass the ATT. Now we will see if Canada is one of the first to sign the treaty when it opens for signature on June 3, 2013, and then ratifies and implements the treaty provisions.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Ploughshares on this long trek, beginning in 1998. After a the celebratory pause, we will be back at next steps to ensure the ATT genuinely contributes to relieving human misery in the world by restricting the illegal movement of arms across borders.


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